Step-by-step installation guide

Once the module is downloaded as a Zip archive (, the installation process goes through 2 steps :

Files installation on the server

There are two ways to install files : either using the dedicated form, or using your FTP client.

Automatically : Install with the dedicated form

To install a new PrestaShop module "automatically", click on the "Add a new module" link at the top of the list of modules. This will display a new section.

Click on "Choose a file". You must point to the module's Zip archive, and not its folder or any of its unpacked files.

Click on "Upload this module" to validate.

Once validated, PrestaShop will load the module from your computer, unpack it, place the files in the correct location, and update the page.

Manually : Install with an FTP client

To install a new PrestaShop module manually:

  • Unzip (unpack) the module archive file ( This should result in a new folder.
  • Using your FTP client, place the folder in your PrestaShop /modules folder.

Beware NOT to upload this folder in another module's folder (which can happen when drag-and-dropping items). Upload the whole folder, not just the files it contains.

Refer to PrestaShop FAQ, topic FTP transfer :

Module installation

The module respects the standard Prestashop installation process.
After the transfer of the module on your shop, the module should appear under the name PrestaShop debug toolbar in the section «administration».

  • Click the "modules" backoffice tab.
  • Unfold the administration tab
  • In this list, you will find the module PrestaShop debug toolbarInstallation process
  • Click "Install" on the right.


  • If the module does not appear in your list of modules, make sure you do not have active filters on your list that could block the display of the module.
  • Some hostings don’t allow extracted zip files. If so you will receive an error alert “Invalid zip file” or similar. In that case you need to upload the extracted archive content throw FTP to your PrestaShop installation folder “modules”.
  • For further assistance on installing PrestaShop modules, please visit the online help at the following address:

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